Lanyard Style Guide

We stock both ribbon lanyards and fabric lanyards.  Both are available in a choice of lengths, with or without a PVC card holder.

Ribbon Lanyards

Ribbon lanyards are made from polyester (unless stated otherwise), printed on one side and plain on the other.  They are available in 3 widths depending on the ribbon chosen - 15 mm, 22 mm and 25 mm (", ⅞" and 1").

Fabric Lanyards


Fabric lanyards are double sided and made from cotton fabric: they have the same fabric on both sides. They are 20 cm width (¾”).

Our lanyard Styles

Style A

One swivel clasp. Casual style suitable for hanging keys, ID cards and other small valuables.  All of our 15 mm (⅝") ribbon lanyards are available in this style.  Our fabric lanyard are all made in this style.

 Style B

One swivel clasp.  Suitable for ID cards, but also for keys and other small valuables.  Style B sits flatter than Style A.  Our 22 mm (⅞") and 25 mm (1") lanyards are made in this Style, but we are happy to make any of them in a different style.  Many of our 15 mm lanyards are available in this style too. 

 Style C 

Two swivel clasps.  Great for attaching to something that needs to stay flat against your body e.g. ID card, bus pass, event ticket, etc. Best for narrow (15/16 mm) ribbons. These are not routinely listed but can be made as a bespoke order.  Please use the 'contact us' button to check availability.

Lanyard Length

All of our lanyards are sold in a choice of 3 lengths with or without a PVC card holder.  

  • Approx 50 cm (20") drop
  • Approx 45 cm (18") drop
  • Approx 40 cm (16") drop

The full circumference will be approximately double this and includes the black safety buckle

Measure from the back of the neck to calculate your desired drop.