About Us

Hi there!  I’m Karla and I make and design all the products at Crafty Cat Kits.  I’m a craftaholic and self-confessed fabric hoarder. I love all the crafts I’ve tried (and there are probably lots more out there that I haven’t even started on yet).  I enjoy painting, sewing, knitting, jewellery making, card making, etc.  I could go on indefinitely...  My real passion is sewing. 

How I got started

I bought my first sewing machine when I was a teenager using the wages from my Saturday job as a waitress. It has moved home with me on numerous occasions, bits have broken off, but I’ll never get rid of my first love.  I’m always sewing.  I make all my own home furnishings, bags, quilts and gifts.  After a while, friends and family started asking me to make bespoke items for them.  With their ideas and encouragement, I began selling small quantities at craft fairs and online.  Now I have sold to customers in over 20 countries from North America to Europe and the Antipodes. 

 My Inspiration

I’m also an animal lover, which is why so many of my products feature animals.  I have two gorgeous cats who inspire me every day.  I’ve always wanted a dog, but my long working days and commute into London made this impossible.  Instead, I make gorgeous animal themed products for other animal lovers (and a few other things that are so lovely, it would be wrong not to share them).


I've had a shop on Etsy for many years and I've learnt a huge amount.  Now it's time to put that knowledge to good use.  I can list a must wider range of products here so look out for lots more lovely goodies.  I used to make a lot of bags and they sold out almost as soon as I listed them.  Any new products will appear here first.  And don't forget to sign up to the newsletter.  I promise not to bombard you with information - just the occasional discount code or sale notification so that you'll be the first to know.