Cat Bandana Size Guide

Our cat bandanas are available in a choice of 2 sizes: Extra Small (XS) and Extra Extra Small (XXS).  They slip over your cat's existing collar, enabling your cat to become a fashion icon.  

Gizmo is wearing the XS in the stars and stripes fabric.


 Sizes and Suitable Collars

The two sizes are pictured with a 5 pence coin (about the size of a dime for US customers) to give you an idea of size only - you won't get the coin if you buy them! 

The XXS size fits traditional slim 10-12 mm (½") cat collar with a buckle at one end.  It is not suitable for chunky collars or collars with buckles at both ends because the buckles will not fit through the channel on the bandana.   It measures approximately 11 cm / 4¼" across the top.  From the top edge to the tip of the bandana is approximate 7.5 cm / 3".

The XS size has a wider channel for the collar to fit through and is therefore suitable for most thicker 10-12 mm  (½") cat collars, even those with large buckles at both ends.  It measures approximately 12.5 cm / 5" across the top.  From the top edge to the tip of the bandana is approximate 9.5 cm / 3¾".




Safety Reminder

Please remember that cats should always wear safety collars which can easily come off, for example, a partially elasticated collar enables the cat to wriggle free if the collar catches on a branch or other obstacle. Similarly, a safety buckle is designed to come apart if it is subject to significant pressure.  As cats like to climb and get into mischief out of our sight, these safety measures ensure that your cat doesn't get strangled if his/her collar gets caught on anything. 

My cat doesn't wear a collar, so I use a piece of 8 mm elastic which I thread through the bandana channel using a safety pin and then knot the ends together and hide the knot in the channel.

All animals should be supervised while wearing any style of bandana.


Fabric Choices

Any of the fabrics used to make dog bandanas can also be used to make cat bandanas.  However, many of the fabrics have large prints which would not look good on very small bandanas.  We intend to expand our collection of cat bandanas over the coming months with fabrics that look good in the smaller sizes.

The exact position of the pattern may vary but we do our best to make sure that your bandana is equally lovely.