Dog breeds bandana in blue and white on dog collar
Blue dog breeds collar scarf
blue dog breeds lines scarf
Dog Breeds Bandana
Dog breeds bandana on collar from side
dog breeds neckerchief on collar from front
Dog breeds over the collar bandana on collar from side
Blue and white dog breeds bandana on collar
Blue dog breeds slide on collar bandana from above
Blue dog breeds bandana with white lining on back from above
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Dog Breeds Bandana

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This blue and white dog breeds bandana is made from washable cotton fabric with a white cotton lining.  It features various dog breeds including pugs, poodles, french bulldogs, dalmatians, etc. The exaction position of the dogs will vary with each bandana.

  Any dog would look cute in this regardless of their breed, but it would also be ideal for anyone who has dogs of more than one breed or works with many different breeds such as a vet, dog groomer or dog walker.

This bandana is available in 5 sizes, so there's bound to be one that's the perfect fit for your dog.  Further information about sizes is available in our Dog Bandana Size Guide.

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