dinosaur bandana on cat collar
dinosaur cat bandana in XXS and XS sizes
dinosaur cat bandana lined in two sizes
Dinosaur Cat Bandana
dinosaur cat neckerchief
dinosaur kitten neckerchief on cat collar
Dinosaur cat bandana on collar in XS size
Dinosaur cat bandana in collar in XXS size
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Dinosaur Cat Bandana

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This dinosaur cat bandana will make your cat roar! Because the dinosaurs are so small, it looks really effective in the smaller sizes and because it is multicoloured, it stands out against all furs.

Slip the bandana over your cat's existing collar and it will stay neatly in place while your cat sleep, eats and plays.  If your cat doesn't wear a collar, see my tip in the size guide below.

It is made from polycotton with a white lining and machine washable.  You have a choice of 2 sizes - Extra Small (XS) and Extra Extra Small (XXS). Please see our Cat Bandana Size Guide for more information about sizes and suitable collars.

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